Stuck on the Road to Gulbarga

I take a bus from Bijarpur to Gulbarga hoping to catch a connection to Bidar. The route is so bone jarring I get airborne in my seat at many a bump.. and wonder how the bus manages to stay in one piece during the journey. Within hours after this thought, the bus breaks an axle, as if reading my mind, and we are stranded in the pitch darkness of an unlighted country road.

Without any means to fix this we are forced to squeeze into the next incoming bus. Thats right, two indian busload equivalents squeezed up into one bus! There was only 50kms to go but it was the longest 50kms I've had!

By the time we reach Gobarga it is already 10pm and my bus to Bidar arrives at midnight!

That meant an extremely exhausted backpacker arriving at Bidar in 3am in the morning, yelling his lungs out to wake the sleeping counter staff at the lobbies of the few hotels available for a room, being followed by packs of stray dogs barking at the top of their lungs..

And while settling into a hastily prepared and uncleaned hotel room it dawned on me what an adventure I've gone through. The trip had taken a turn for the monontonous up till this point. So despite myself I find the time to be grateful..

How have I forgotten how fun it was to stay up late at night, or not sleep at all. And here I have all the freedom to do it.


So I've been awake since this morning and I have spent the time in the extremely peaceful and beautiful Bidar Fort ruins.


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Naveen said...

Hi this is Naveen. I know that you would have been faced such kind of worst journey. Now the work has been running to repair the roads. At the otherend you said that you found relax and peace place in Bidar, thanks for that. I am the person who bron and boughtup in Bidar and I love Bidar. Thanks for visiting it. See you next time. if you want any hep next time to visit Bidar. just mail me on