Autobiography of a Yogi : Includes Bonus CDI am watching the snazzy "New India" of Pune and Osho's Meditation Resort whittle my funds away. 180 rupee autorickshaw ride in from the bus stand with late night charges, 728 rupees for Sunderban Hotel Room without even an attached bathroom (which I had to argue incessantly for them to charge me only for one night's stay as opposed to 2, as I had arrived in the night way after their strict check-in time), 200 for food in snazzy but bland Prems Restaurant, 1200 Aids test and registration at the Osho Resort (btw I am HIV negative 8) ), 300 for maroon robes. Way above the 6-800 rupee a day budget I was trying to maintain!

On the light side of things, eating my first real chocolate donut and cinnamon roll I've had since setting foot in India, at the famous German Bakery in Kodagaon Park, was defintely the highlight of the day, as was my locating "Autobiography of a Yogi" when visiting the Gold Ad Labs Shopping Mall.

Tonight will be spent in the serenity of pooja, meditation and reading this intriguing book recommended by my Guru. Already into the first few chapters I found myself in tears at inexplicable points. I will put away the consternation of trying to find a place that will babysit my luggage after the 12pm check out tomorrow for now.


Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, that was the first spirituality book I ever read and what an impact it had on me.

It is unquestionably a very beautiful book to read, inspiring, funny, and deliciously page turning in a spiritual sort of way!

The only seemingly questionable part of the book, was that it made it sound as if there were miracle producing saints around every other street corner in India (and more than likely there were a lot more then than now), and also for the scientific skeptical of mind, the miracles sounded a little too far fetched, breaking laws of physics left right and centre, but when I finally went to verify this on my own, on a month long trip to India, armed with a list of addresses a spiritual friend gave me; after crossing 6 states to find 3 or 4 miracle producing gurus, I must say it was all worth it, and my experience confirms the validity of at least some of the stories... making all the other ones, far more plausible.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry for the ruuuuun on sentence! hehe