Ajanta Caves


"Excuse me, I just thought you might like to know that some of them don't think its respectful to point your feet at the Buddha like that", a fat Spanish tourist pointed out to me as I struggled to take a photo in the dim light of the cave, seated on the floor to steady myself.


In exasperation, I remove my hat and thrust my face close to his. "I'm Asian!" I say perhaps a bit too loudly. The idea of a foreign tourist teaching asian values to an asian was too much of an irony.


But in later moments I had come to understand his well meaning intentions behind it and I regret my outburst. My ego is still very much at large 8(.

What a coincidence to have the latest entry in the Nithyananda Newsletter talk about the Ego.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. The pointing the feet "rudeness" is a muslim thing. Considering it's a budhist temple, it sounds as if the Spanish tourist might have been a little confused :)