Back in Tiruvannamalai

Ma Kamaa on Arunachala Hill

Nithyanandam is over. It had been 12 days of extremely intensive meditation and I am extremely grateful to have been able to attend it. We were told not to disclose course details (so as not to spoil the fun for non-participants who wish to sign up for the next one). What I can say though is that I've felt real changes happen during and after the course. My mind chatter is now almost non-existant. The sweet blissful high I felt during my first Kundalini awakening I feel now every time I meditate, and sometimes when I am not! And friends staying in the ashram but not participating in the course have said that the participants actually look different physically after completing the course. Swamiji had worked on our Sangeetha Karmas during the period and we emerged as Tabula Rasas, clean slates unencumbered by the burden of our pasts. I guess it was written on our faces!

I travel to Tiruvannamalai with Ma Kamaa, an extremely blessed american lady who is a Poojacharya at the LA ashram, and Ma Vibhuuti.

To come back to this town again is such a blessing. This time around I am able to feel the peace welling up from the very ground of this place as a very real sensation. Inside Arunachalaeswara temple I am overcome with a very solid wave of energy each time I near a diety for Darshan. I was not able to feel any of this the first time around. The Nithyanandam course must have done something to me!

My Agnya and Sahasrara which had been very active since the course go into overdrive here. A strong buzzing feeling and pressure in the Sahasrara, and an intense throbbing in the agnya.

Last night Ma Kamaa tells me one night that she had a darshan of Shiva and Ganesha while staring at my face. She saw them between my Agnya and Sahasrara and that they were working on my transformation.

Kamaa herself has had so many inexplicable things happen to her. And here in the spiritual center of India the experiences are really ramping up for her. But I am not allowed to blog about them =P.

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