Leaving Tiruvannamalai

Bhanu, Kamaa and I

Kamaa leaves for Pondicherry to get her Nadi Leaf Astrology reading done and I head to Coimbatore to resume my journeys.

Its hard to keep travelling now after the reason you started travelling for in the first place is fulfilled. After all have I not already found what I've been looking for?

So the journey is no longer a searching. Its now a pilgrimage and a celebration, and a playground of experiences for my new spiritual awareness.

We visit Arunachalaeswara Temple for the last time, thankful that the throng of humanity that was the Vaazhum Valaru crowd were no longer around. While getting darshan of the main Shiva Linga in the temple the priest surprises us by taking 2 garlands off the linga and garlanding us!

And we meet a very friendly Mrs. Bhanu, who's grandfather was a good friend of the late Ramana Maharishi, who spent her time at the temple walking with us and guiding us with detailed explanations.

Goodbye Ma Kamaa!

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