Osho's Meditation Resort

Osho's Meditation Resort Auditorium

When the connection with a certain Guru and his organisation and teachings isn't there, it certainly shows! I wake up late and miss Osho's famous dynamic meditation!! Instead I find myself having breakfast instead at the German Bakery, non-chalantly entering the resort hours later.

Osho's resort is getting a little dog-eared with age. It certainly still is the snazzy overpriced and polished rich man's resort as advertised, however I could not help but feel that I had painted perhaps too rosy a picture based on the hype I heard about it prior to visiting.

I did not like the use of the color black on all the buildings, nor the faceless, impersonal feel of the featureless monolithic shiny stone clad look that is more at home in an office building than a meditation resort. Perhaps if I had not visited the Isha Meditation Center and Dhyana Linga Temple I would have lower expectations.

If I be a rich man in the near future and need a meditation resort refuge (and assuming my guru hasn't made a resort himself by then), I'm afraid its going to be at the Dhyana Linga Temple.. plus the Isha Temple had a palpable energy field that I did not sense at all when attending the poorly presented meditation sessions conducted under the famous pyramid roof of the Osho Center Auditorium. The only semblance of an aura I felt was when attending the "Silent Sitting" session in front of Osho's Samadhi.

And what a strange Samadhi it was too.. to get there you have to cross 2 rooms, the first is a library full of dusty books, the second is a strange room clad in mirrors from floor to ceiling, with a dentist's chair in the corner.. finally arriving at a room with a marble floor with a natural finish that required us to wear socks to protect its surface.

And how strange it was to have had his remains cremated. As far as I know the remains of enlightened masters are never cremated..

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