Warangal and Hanamkonda

Indiana Jones at Warangal

My first experience with dealing with purchasing non-reserved general train tickets (you buy them within one hour of the train's departure). The people there seldom queue and prefer instead to push their way through to the small hole in the glass of the counter for making payments.

In the general queue on the way back to Hyderabad from Warangal, inside the chaos of the pushing bodies, I feel the tickle of a hand gently sliding into my front pocket (I had nothing stored in my back pockets). I immediately turn to face the threat and was taken aback to find the person staring back without any look of guilt of being caught! He simply took his hand out from my pocket and resumed reaching for the hole in the front counter as if nothing happened.

This wasn't the first time, twice in Tirumala I had my backpack unzipped from the back without my knowing. I now have it slung in front of me whenever I have to squeeze into a crowd.

Admission fees for attractions are negotiable! I only realised this yesterday in Warangal >_< While expressing my frustration at the admission fee at the outdoor exhibits, I manage to get my camera in free! Ok so it was only a 25 rupee savings, but at the Fort's interior museum I enter for free! The caretaker initially just wanted his palms greased for half the admission fee (100 INR) but relented when I said I did not have exact change.

Did not make it to Hanamkonda temple on time for a proper visit. Pretty cross with myself for the mismanagement of time.

Hanamkonda Temple

Was fun travelling around Warangal though, mainly because I found a shop that rented bicycles. The fort was some 3km from the train station where I rented a bike with my handphone as collateral. Hanamkonda was some 7km south and it was a pretty frantic pedalling just to arrive there and gawk for 15 minutes before having to turn back.

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Lou said...

i know why they think ur american, the hat is very INDIANA JONES laaaaa. u look like an archaeologist - hahaha,
well, some guy tried to pick your pocket, are you sure? or was he feeling you up?

your trip seems to be such an adventure so far! it's almost like you are really living it up there la.

the pics look better with the blog, gives me a better image.

take more pics of mughal architecture for me man,,,,, i likeeeeeeeeeeeee..

take care!