Night HawkerI reach Hyderabad in a contorted state boxed in a private bus for 12 hours with only 2 chai breaks in between >_<. My prebooked e-train ticket was set to take me from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 15th June. Not wanting to stay 2 weeks in Hyderabad I try buying a new train ticket at the Nampally train station to leave for Bangalore on the 1st of June.

Getting the tickets was simple enough - flash passport at tourist only queue. Get redirected to credit card queue because I did not have USD to pay with. Queue for a bit in the credit card queue. Get redirected to the original tourist only queue because I am a tourist. Growl in exasperation at the counter guy for playing ping pong with me. Get ticket.

I did the touristy thing today visiting Lumpini Park and taking a boat out the Hussain Sagar to the largest buddhist monument in India, the Buddha Purnima, sitting in the middle of the lake.

I plan to watch India Jones in a Hyderabad cinema. Indy premiers here in May 30. I hope there will at least be English subtitles!


Lou said...

dude, 12 hourse in aa bus!??!??! ouch.
is the chai better there? i miss chai. i like chai. hope you have alllllllll the chai in the world there.

Daniel Phipps said...

I have chai every morning! Its become an addiction!