Horsley Hill Station

Leave Your Shoes and Ego At the Door Before Entering
Yesterday while waiting for evening darshan I sourced out the name of a hill that was suggested to me by the lawyer on the bus to Madanapalle - Horsley Hill. I had been spending the days taking strolls around the town in the mornings, and a day trip would be a nice change. It took alot of asking around in the bus station but I finally got myself into the bus headed to the hill station, just minutes before the bus left, thanks to a kind girl who volunteered the information after watching me floundering about with asking for directions.

It was a 1.5 hour bus ride and the final bit where the bus makes a climb up to the hill station had awesome views. I sat next to a boy (Hluda) from a very friendly family and gave up my window seat for him. Two things I have noticed since coming here about the boys and girls - they LOVE being offered the window seats in trains and buses, and they love having their pictures taken, if only to have a glance at the playback screen on your camera after!

The lookout spots at the very top of the hill past the AP Tourism Bureau buildings offered the best views for me.

I had my first shock of the day when walking back down to the bus stop during lunch time. I found out that the bus back to Madanapalle isn't going to come back till 4pm!

When I was done with feeling trapped and helpless I realised that it wasn't a bad thing at all! All the trouble getting up to the top of Horsely Hill and I end up spending only a half hour up there, and horsing around with my camera! The message was clear: get my arse back up to that look out point, relax and be in the moment!

Throughout the day I kept bumping into Hluda and his family, as well as many other friendly people. So far I have not encountered any of the ugliness that was presented about Indians by travellers in their travel boards at all! If anything, you will be mothered to death as a lone traveller! While working on my 'thereness' at the lookout spot Hluda's mom pressed food into my hands and gave me such a warm smile, then left me to meditate further.

Perhaps in the bigger cities things might be different. But that will be a bridge I won't cross yet!

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