Indy in Hindi?

Nay! It was in English! I spent the day soaking up the air-conditioning of the Hyderabad Central Mall while waiting for the movie to begin, and I find - a USB cable at last!

Needless to say I'll be in an internet shop uploading photos to my Flickr album, and putting pics to my past posts all day today.

How was the latest Indiana Jones movie? Entertaining! Which is all I need at present.

And the theater gave an old school intermission right in the middle of the movie!

I got slightly irked by the group of rich indian teens beside me though. They reeked of too much meat in their diets, the smell was coming from their bodies and their breaths, they had tried in vain to cover it with expensive cologne. And they laughed in the manner resembling presumptuous hyenas at the most inane moments.

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