Rishikesh: Kriya Yoga Ashram


After a morning in Haridwar checking out 2 ashrams to stay (and finding them either overpriced or unintelligible to the foreigner) I decide to move to Rishikesh for accomodation.

As soon as my packed Vikrams reaches the Laxman Dhula I gasp as what do I see but the Kriya Yoga Ashram. It's beautiful white dome framed by trees beckons me to the point of my choosing accomodation on the unpopular side of the river, away from the tourists and closer to the ashram.

I had written to the ashram earlier about taking deeksha but the problem was whether Swami Shankarananda Giri would be around to give it - Kriya is only passed on from enlightened master to disciple. Today after settling down in my guest house I rush over to the ashram to find that I will be able to be initiated tomorrow morning!

Have spent the day shopping for the items needed: 5 flowers and 5 fruits.. finding 5 different varieties of flowers has proven to be a challenge here in the Rishikesh "flower market" (more like a handful of stores).

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Anonymous said...

Namaste, I am looking for any info on initations at that ashram. Will be there in July...any calander floating around out there...? Thanks.