Dreaming of Kriya

Shiva in Meditation

Whats in a dream? When I think about the really good dreams I've had in my life, the ones that make you want to go back to sleep despite all your worldly responsibilities waiting for you outside your bedroom, are the ones where I can do fantastic things like pick up and move things with my mind, and fly, especially flying!

Always I would wake up feeling something awesome had happened.. during those dreams I would do something special with my breath and my will and intent to make the things happen. The dreams I've had may have varied but the special "technique" was always the same. Yet when I would try hard to imitate what I did in those dreams to reproduce those fantastic abilities in real life I would always fail.

The strongest dream I had during the time I awoke to this great spritual adventure of mine.. india, Nithyananda, et al, was that I could burst into flame at will and if I burnt intensely enough I could fly.. yes like the human torch in fantastic five.. I can't get this dream out of my head because of the immense feeling of freedom and release I felt when I flew.

Yesterday after the unguided kriya session it came as a delayed revelation to me what the Kriya Swamiji said on Day 1 at the initiation, and that I had been dreaming of this experience all this while..

"Breath is fire" Swamiji had said during initiation, "Do you understand?". I had nodded and this is now ironic to me, as the link between those words and my dream only came to me yesterday, almost a week after he said it!

And with that realization came the memories of all the other dreams I've had and my trying so hard to bring the dream technique of breathing out to the real world. Guess what? The technique that I had been using in my dreams was EXACTLY the "Kriya Breath" taught to me here in Rishikesh!

And the realisation of this is now guiding my real life kriya meditations.. I am using the memory of what I experienced in all those dreams (and especially the fire dream) to further perfect my breathing technique.