Soon as I arrived in this Buddhist pilgrimage town I tried visiting the Vipassana Meditation Center in the hopes of changing the venue of my previously registered Vipassana course from Igatpuri to here, with no luck 8(. This means I will need to make it quickly back down to Mumbai by the 8th of October for my 10 day meditation course.

It is a bit saddening as I would have appreciated more time here in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and also here in Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha gained enlightenment. But everything happens for a reason.

Visiting the Mahabodhi Temple this evening and the sacred Bodhi Tree where it all happened i could feel a palpable spiritual energy, even as the throngs of Hindu (yes Hindu) devotees push and shove their noisy way through their pilgrimage here. Despite the deadline of getting to Mumbai in time, I will spend as much time as I can in this beautiful place.

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