Hellboy II in New Delhi

While retreating to Shahdara in Delhi to watch Hellboy II in the air-conditioned comfort of a modern mall I was met with the after effects of the recent bomb attacks in major indian cities: long queues and frustrating wait times to get into its metro stations as guards make a painfully long search of each passenger's belongings before allowing them to pass.

My camera which has gone through thick and thin with me had finally given out after Varanasi. It must've been the push and shove on the train and insistant pressure on it caused the lens to go out of alignment slightly, making the right side of photos noticably blurred. It was saddening but my trip is nearly over and I will be able to get it fixed when back in Singapore. Also by turning the camera right side up or upside down I can control which side of the photo gets blurred, and by pushing against the lens with my free fingers I can relieve the blurrness somewhat.

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