Ayurveda in Cochin

Thanks to the Kerala Ayurvedic Center in Cochin today I find out my body type falls into the Vata/ Pitta category, after asking a few questions including the frequency of my toilet trips (!) the consultant pushes me over to the Pitta side. This explains my skin problems like acne..

Of which Elaadi Keram oil was perscribed to be massaged on the affected parts before baths. Am on the lookout for that oil now.

Unfortunately as I will leave for Bangalore tomorrow morning, I am only able to take a one hour full body massage this evening. Woo!


TranquilMind said...

Next time you come to Kochi, mail me - my email id is menonmitr@gmail.com. It would be good to have a friend who loves my Swami..:)

rajans said...

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