Wide, multilaned roads with traffic thin enough to see gaps between vehicles, no trash on the streets, green buffer zones between road and bicycle paths, monolithic modernist concrete buildings.. is this India? But the unkemptness of the green areas and patina of dirt on the buildings soon tell you that it is.

I came to Chandigarh for Nek Chand's Fantasy Rock Garden and Corbusier's town planning and designs and Chandigarh did not disappoint. However, due to my oversleeping this morning (I had been kept awake by Delhi bedbugs) I missed my morning train and had to take a later one. I only managed a quick look at the Fantasy Rock Garden in the evening hours, with what precious daylight hours left obscured by evening clouds and rain.

Open Hand

Hopefully I will be able to see the High Court tomorrow morning before I leave for the afternoon train to Mumbai and Igatpuri.

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