My Naadi Jothida Reading

The life and death of every person destined to seek his destiny by finding his naadi leaf was written ages ago by Rishis on palm leaves (naadi leaves). Find your leaf and find a wealth of information about your past, present and future lives! Naadi Jothida has had me enthralled since prior to my India trip, and finding my Naadi leaf in India is definitely a must do on my list.

However weeding through the mass of astrologers to find the authentic ones had proven to be quite a challenge.

In the Tiruvanammalai ashram we were given a referral for a Naadi astrologer living near the north gate of the temple!

We submitted our thumb impressions for the readings but Masha has since cancelled her reading - she had to leave for chennai to meet with friends and they had delayed the retrieval of the leaves.

So it was just me that morning at the astrologer's place. From my thumb impression he had narrowed the search down to 2 stacks of leaves. We had to painstaking go through each leaf, him reading the writings and asking me questions pertaining to my life, and me confirming or denying.

One and a half stacks of leaves later and something magical happens. He reads off a leaf that fits my life to a T. Details like my name, parents' names, my birth date, time of birth, my current pre-occupations, martial status.. all questions turned up yes. It was as if he was reading some eerily accurate record of my life so far.

To be fair, however, there was some hokey pokery involved with coming up with my name and parents' names. Through the plethora of questions I had to ask in the previous 'rejected' leaves he had on many occasions resorted to guessing the names letter by letter.. sometimes he would even go "is the next letter of the name T? Is it U? V? W??" Like some tedious hangman game. However there are many other details that he could not have known, like how my dad married twice, for example, and that I was the son of his second wife.

Having found my leaf, he then goes through the process of transcribing all the details into a colorful notebook. I go out for lunch with the translater and return to listen to him describe to me my life from the present to the age of 70.

Apparently though I do not think much about marriage at present, I will still be getting married, to a person that I have already met in the present! This will happen in November where my life will similarly pick up in terms of prosperity and happiness. My life after that seems too incredibly good to be true, very minor incidents occuring, amid long periods of fulfillment. And I will have 2 children - a son and a daughter!

I will also get a blessing from my guru at age 34 and 37, though I don't really know what 'blessing' refers to..

After age 37 my endeavors really take off with great success.. strangely, this is during and after 2012.. the time of great change talked about by conspiracy theorists the world over.

For anyone reading that wants the contact of this astrologer:

Sri Agathiar Mahasiva Vakiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam
11A Vada Othavadai Street
(Near Swathi Lodge, North Temple Gate)
Tiruvannamalai 606601

Tel: 04175-320069

This person's practice is part of a larger organisation from Vatheeswaran Koil. The rates are 1000 rupees per kandem (a chapter pertaining to a specific area to be looked into) and 150 for the translator.

Am currently waiting for rest of the kandems I requested to be sent to me by email and a copy sent by normal mail to my home. Will write again when that happens. Am also trying to post the video I recorded..


Lou said...

ur getting married in november?!?!?!!?1 TO WHO?!?!? this i can't wait to see hahaha.

oh no, is this during ur time in india then? since nov is still part of the 6 months, ohhhh, does that mean you are marrying someone there?

or ur coming back to marry stella?

Daniel Phipps said...

I dunno!!!

LN said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,
I saw your Naadi video in youtube and in fact, I intend to visit vaidheeshwaran koil in either August or Sept. for my Naadi reading.

I'm also from the Lion City and would like to get in touch with you as I would like to visit Mr K.S.Krishnan as well.


Anonymous said...

That's insane. Until the very end of the video, I thought perhaps there were generic leafs that would pertain to say a few thousand or dozens of thousand around the world, but when he started saying your name, your parents name etc... that's just crazy.

So just how many leafs are there in total??

Did you not post a video about your future till 70 because you want to keep it private?

Thanks for sharing, next time I go to Tiru, I'll definitely check this out. Ironically, I've been there twice, both times to visit the Ramana Maharshi ashram.

Best of luck with everything and update your blog!! :)

Best Regards,
Anonymous (you don't know me)

Sam said...

Hi Daniel,

Read your post with great interest! I too recently had my reading done, and am still sceptical to some degree.

I need to know...did you get married in November 2008 as suggested by the saint? Or did you at least meet someone you were going to marry?

Nithya Priyan said...

Hi Sam, I think knowledge of your destiny gives you control of it somwhat, or it could just be that perhaps this reading wasn't what it was cut out to be. Because I am still happily single. haha..