A Full Day at Tiruvannamalai


In the morning we climbed Arunachala Hill in search of the cave that Sri Ramana Maharishi used for meditation. We did not make it to the upper cave but found the lower one. Getting there was half the fun!

The Temple Tour Gang

In the afternoon we reach the site for the new temple and ashram of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's.. and bump into Satya and Usha from the Bidadi ashram courses! It was part of a long string of fortuitous coincidences and circumstances that made our day a very eventful one.

In addition to a very warm welcome at the ashram and the best ashram food I have ever tasted in India, we had joined yet another small group of Nithyananda devoteees for a very special guided tour of Arunachala temple. Strange thing was, it was arranged by Swamiji and we don't quite know how it was that 3 separate groups of devotees can meet without planning in Tiruvannamalai and have such a tour arranged as if in advance! We were treated like VIPs and came out of the experience with extreme gratitude.

We spend the day meeting various people, sites and samadhis of people and places that influenced Swamiji's life before he attained his enlightenment.


We get to meet Swamiji's brother!

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