Lost without a Guidebook!

Marina Beach, Chennai

It was my crazy idea the night before Masha left to stay with her friends in Chennai, that I hand over my well thumbed guide book to her. She came to India totally unprepared and lost, with only a deep trust in existence to guide her experiences and travel. I came to India having pored through tons of internet pages and travel guides, clutching my Rough Guide to India for dear life!

It was her enviable connection to the Divine source that led her to a serious of beautiful and remarkable coincidences and events that constitute her spiritual journey so far. It was my incessant reading that led me to mine. But our experiences were not without their pitfalls.

I guess it was natural of us to want to exchange a little of our energies, a little bit more prudence and planning on her part, a bit more spontaneity and trust in the divine on mine. So I came up with the idea of handing over my guide book to her. it would be mutually beneficial!

Can I survive without a guidebook? Most certainly it makes locating good and cheap accommodation hard. I arrived in Chennai in the middle of the night having had to wait for the bus to plow through the molasses of the Chennai traffic jam, managed to get a room and a decent night's sleep. I think I will buy a new guide book =P. But far from returning to my old ways, am definitely going to hold on a little to the spirit of surrender and let go a little to the spirit of control.

Bye bye Masha, may we get to travel again if existence permits!

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Lou said...

u gave away your guidebook???!!!
oh myyyy,

you are so kind

hows the food? are you enjoying urself still? i see that you have been meeting many new pple!

i hope that when in 2012, you do meet with great success, whether material or spiritual. i hope you will always be happy.

i think this trip has been really good for you,

bring home more stories!!!

oh i have a new dog btw - he is called miu miu , see his pics on facebook.

and take careeeeeeeee, huxxxxxx